virtualbox disk backup



– check for Php TimeZone into /etc/php.ini file

– setup http_proxy https_proxy
$ export http_proxy=...
$ export https_proxy=...

– update cafile config
$ php -r "print_r(openssl_get_cert_locations());"
copy from browser CA cert .pem file into a folder
create /etc/php.d/99composer.ini file with openssl.cafile = <downloaded CA cert file path>

– download composer
$ curl -sSk php -- --disable-tls
$ rm -rf composer-setup.php
$ php composer.phar config -g -- disable-tls true

mono parallel

source post:

  • install deps
# urpmi lib64jpeg-devel lib64gif-devel lib64tiff-devel lib64png-devel lib64png12-devel lib64pnglite-devel lib64gladeui1-devel lib64glade2.0_0-devel lib64glademm2.4-devel lib64gladeui2-devel
  • enable optional environment
create script ~/mono-dev-env following previous article
$ source ~/mono-dev-env
  • compile libgdiplus
$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/mono
$ make
$ sudo make install
  • compile mono
$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/mono
$ make
$ sudo make install


  • compile gtk-sharp2
$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/mono
$ make
$ sudo make install


  • compile mono-tools
$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/mono
$ make
$ sudo make install

pyLoad package_finished script



debian packaging

update local repo keys with same ppa key

modify ~/ file

create debian folder into source root folder
$ dh_make -s -e <email> -n -c gpl2

– changelog
– install (or more xxx.install) file
– compat
– control
– copyright
– rules

testing package with
$ debuild -us -uc

generate …source.changes file with
$ debuild -S -sa

upload package
$ dput armando <source.changes path>

pencil with xulrunner

download xulrunner from
download pencil from
download lollipop icons from
extract zip and create new zip with folders icons, misc and other files in main folder.

launch pencil with:
$ ./xulrunner <app path>/evolus-pencil/application.ini

import collection from Tools menu

git submodule

to add submodule
$ git submodule add git@mygithost:billboard lib/billboard -b master
to init and update
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update
$ cd lib/billboard
$ git pull
$ cd ../..
$ git add lib/billboard
to remove submodule
$ git submodule rm lib/billboard
$ git rm --cached lib/billboard