From VirtualBox to VmWare VM

export vm from VirtualBox

convert vm into VmWare format

edit ovf file to change virtual system type:

from <vssd:VirtualSystemType>virtualbox-2.2</vssd:VirtualSystemType>

to <vssd:VirtualSystemType>vmx-07</vssd:VirtualSystemType>

edit ovf file to update SATA controller with a SCSI controller:



remove file “”

import now vmdk into ESXi and after use SSH to access into shell. Now convert vmdk into ESXi format using:

after use vi editor to edit disk

to update ddb.adapterType from ide to lsilogic:

During boot you need to regenerate initramfs (in CentOS or Red Hat) using rescue kernel configuration and launch dracut command:

after install vmware tools but first you need to install dependencies